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How do I register for services? How can I register my parent/grandparent for services?

Call 1-844-522-3344 or email and we will send you an online form to fill out.

What if I only want to register for one service?

On the registration from check the box next to the service you wish to receive.

Do I have to register for each individual service?

No, you only need to fill out our registration form once and you’re all set.

What if I’m not sure which service is right for me/my parent/grandparent?

We give you the ability to customize your services, call us and speak with one of our friendly and informed staff who can guide you through how our services can meet your needs or the needs of your loved one.

How do I participate in the online exercise classes?

Once you’ve registered, we will be sending you a Zoom invite (to the email address you provided us) for every class on the schedule. You can attend as many or as little as you would like. Those attending the most classes each month will receive a congratulatory prize!

How do I find out about other services you’ll be offering?

You can check on our website, call or email us. We will also be emailing you updates as new services become available.

How long have you been in business?

The Home Society has been in business since 1959 as a registered Charity assisting seniors. Our Silver Services division exclusively delivers services to seniors at home and online.

What are your fees?

Please contact us for our in-home service and online programming fees.


What We’re Hearing

“I am thoroughly enjoying the classes and they are helping so many of us survive and stay fit in these Covid times. Thank you so much for offering these classes. They are life saving.” Tamara W., Age 86

I was introduced to the program by a friend who was already attending the sessions and to encourage me to try it out she told me I could sit and do the exercises.  I was very skeptical that such a program could improve your fitness.  I was wrong.  I always feel better when the hour of exercises is over, and I feel my fitness level has improved somewhat in the month I have been attending.”  Wendy P., Age 84

“The transportation is so convenient and reasonably priced and Mike went above and beyond for us.” Anita S., Age 77

“I love these themed food baskets. I look forward to receiving it every week.” Priscilla, Age 69

Thank you once again for the wonderful mix of food.” Robert C., Age 84

“I am enjoying the classes so very much. I actually feel that I am in much better shape now than I was before the pandemic. Even though I walk as mush as possible, these classes are helping with my balance and strengthening areas of my body that I don’t use in walking. I feel fortunate to have access to the classes through Zoom and hope they will continue as long as possible. Connie W., Age 76

“The online activities are a lot of fun.” Yippy N., Age 79

“I love the online fitness program and have seen a definite improvement in my body weight and shape.” Shelly W., Age 83

I enjoy the Online Zoom Exercise classes. I feel this is such an important service for seniors in our community, especially during this challenging time when many of us are feeling isolated.” Nancy S., Age 75