About Us

Our Difference

Silver Services is a division of a registered Canadian charity Home Society that has been helping seniors since 1959. We provide supports and services to our beneficiaries at an affordable level and on a not-for-profit basis.

Silver Services offers a variety of programs and services that allow freedom of choice and customizable options to suit individual needs.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we ramped up our online programming to help relieve some of the isolation and immobility older adults are facing. Our live and interactive exercise classes run six days a week and are at varying levels of fitness (from chair exercises to dance classes), something for everyone. They are all taught by certified, knowledgeable instructors who have a wealth of experience teaching fitness to older adults.

Our online programming also offers live and interactive fun, creative classes such as painting, baking, flower arranging, bingo, trivia games, as well as a weekly computer Q&A with our in-house expert, our monthly entertainment series featuring local artists from musicians to magicians and our monthly guest speaker series.

Our in-home services include a variety of customizable options for those looking for a little to a lot of help. This includes transportation, food basket delivery, our Personal Home Assistant program as well as personal care services.

We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

Call 1-844-522-3344 or email us silverservices@thehomesociety.org to register and to find out more.

Our Team

We believe in working with the best and brightest and with over sixty years of passion, dedication and experience delivering care to older adults, it permeates into our hiring process. We know change is hard at any age and that’s why we promote to ensure the longevity and satisfaction of our beneficiaries.

“I am thoroughly enjoying the classes and they are helping so many of us survive and stay fit in these Covid times. Thank you so much for offering these classes. They are life saving.”

Tamara w., age 86


We’re growing and we’re hiring! Call 1-844-522-3344 or email us silverservices@thehomesociety.org for details and to submit your resume.